Friends of the Library

Friends of the Library

What is it?
Friends of the Library is an organization that was started at the Kirklin Library in 1998.

Who are “The Friends”?
The Friends of the Library consists of a group of volunteers that organize and help with library events.

What do they do?
The Friends of the Library have a book sale that continues throughout the year with all proceeds going towards library needs. They sponsor a craft and bake sale each year at Christmas. They also help with the funding for our Summer Reading Program and our Annual Halloween Party.

Would you like to help?
If you are interested in joining the Friends of the Library OR if you would like to volunteer, please contact Heidi Turner, Library Director.

Purpose of the Group

What is the purpose of this group?
The purpose of the Friends of the Library is to support the Kirklin Public Library with funds and volunteer services in our areas that are not normally provided for by library procedures. We also sponsor activities for fundraising and membership enhancement and bring attention to the services offered by the Kirklin Library to its patrons and to the historical value of the Kirklin Public Library.


There shall be three elected officers in this organization. The PRESIDENT presides over all meetings. The SECRETARY maintains records of the meetings and prepares copies of the reports of the meetings. The TREASURER maintains all of the organization’s finances.

Not for Profit
The Friends of the Kirklin Public Library is a not for profit organization. The sole purpose of the organization shall be for the benefit of the patrons of the Kirklin Public Library. All funds and gifts received by this organization shall be used for the betterment of the Kirklin Public Library.

Members shall include any interested person who has paid their annual dues of $5.00 by the October meeting of any year. Members may vote on issues presented by the organization. Members and interested persons will normally meet on the second Tuesday of every month or as seems appropriate by the librarian of the Kirklin Library and the president of the organization.

A quorum shall consist of the majority of members when voting on issues and for other officers. Voting for the three organization officers shall be held at the September meeting of every year. Nomination for officers shall be taken from the floor at the September meeting.

All of the bylaws of this organization may be amended at any meeting. Any issues concerning the bylaws will be decided by a majority of voting members.