New Materials

New DVD Releases

The Greatest Showman – PG Blu-ray & DVD

The Commuter – PG-13 Blu-ray & DVD

The Post – PG-13 Blu-ray & DVD

Maze Runner: The Last Cure – PG-13 Blu-ray & DVD

Paddington 2 – PG Blu-ray & DVD

Peter Rabbit – PG Blu-ray & DVD

12 Stronger – R Blu-ray & DVD

Red Sparrow – R Blu-ray & DVD

The 15:17 To Paris – PG-13 Blu-ray & DVD

Marvel: Black Panther – PG-13 Blu-ray

Game Night – R Blu-ray & DVD

A Wrinkle In Time – PG Blu-ray & DVD

Sherlock Gnomes – PG Blu-ray & DVD

Tomb Raider – PG-13 Blu-ray & DVD

Paul, Apostle of Christ – PG-13 Blu-ray & DVD

I Can Only Imagine – PG Blu-ray & DVD

Pacific Rim – PG-13 Blu-ray & DVD

A Quiet Place – PG-13 Blu-ray & DVD

Ready Player One – PG-13 unknown

Overboard – PG-13 Blu-ray & DVD

Life of the Party – PG-13 Blu-ray & DVD

Tully – R Blu-ray

Avengers: Infinity War – PG-13 Blu-ray

Isle of Dogs – PG-13 Blu-ray & DVD

New Fiction Books

Beach House Reunion – Monroe, Mary Alice

By Invitation Only  – Frank, Dorothea Bent

The Cast: a novel – Steel, Danielle

Favorite Sister – Knoll, Jessica

High Season – Blundell, Judy

How It Happened – Koryta, Michael

How to Walk Away – Center, Katherine

Paper Ghosts – Heaberlin, Julia

Us Against You – Buckman, Fredrick

When Life Gives You Lululemons – Weisberger, Lauren

The Word Is Murder – Horowitz, Anthony

Death of Mrs. Westaway –  Ware, Ruth

Dreams of Falling – White, Karen

Fade to Black – Graham, Heather

Florida – Groff, Lauren

Gray Ghost – Cussler, Clive

How Hard Can It Be – Pearson Allison

Moscow Offfensive – Brown, Dale

My Kind of Christmas – Dailey, Janet

Patchwork Bride – Dallas, Sandra

President is Missing – Clinton, Bill

Probable Claws – Brown, Rita Mae

Shelter in Place – Roberts, Nora

Social Creature – Burton, Tara

There There – Orange, Tommy

To the Moon and Back – Kingsbury, Karen

Turbulence – Woods, Stuart

Island of the Mad – King, Laurie R

Moscow Deception = Robards, Karen

Pharaoh Key – Preston, Douglas J

Spook in the Stacks – Gates, Eva

Spook in the Stacks – Gates, Eva

Tom Clancy Line of Sight – Maden, Mike

Verdun Affair – Dybek, Nick

Woman in the Woods – Connolly, John

Bring Me Back – Paris, B.A

Perfect Couple – Hilderbrand, Elin

Skaar Invasion – Brooks, Terry

All We Ever Wanted – Griffin, Emily

Before and Again – Delinsky,  Barbara

Unbridled – Palmer, Diana

Clock Dance – Tyler, Anne

Cottage by the Sea – Macomber, Debbie

Double Blind – Johansen, Iris

Gathering of Secrets – Castillo, Linda

Good Fight – Steel, Danielle

Other woman – Green, Jane

Sinners – Atkins, Ace

When We Found Home – Mallery, Susan

Spymaster – Thor, Brad

Measure of Darkness – Kellerman, Jonathan

Pale as Death – Graham, Heather

Paradox – Coulter, Catherine

Quiet Side of Passion – McCall, Smith

New Non-Fiction

Calypso – Sedaris, David

Indianapolis: The True Story of the… – Vincent, Lynn


New Young Adult

From Twinkle With Love – Menon, Sandhya

Legendary – Garber, Stephanie

Neverworld Wake – Pressl, Marisha

Smoke in the Sun – Ahdieh, Renée

Reaper at the Gates – Tahir, Sabaa

Rose and the Dagger  – Ahdieh, Renée

Wrath and the Dawn  – Ahdieh, Renée

Flame in the Mist – Ahdieh, Renée

Emerald Sea – Mead, Richelle

Fugitive Six – Lore, Pittacus

Liar Liar – Jackson,  Lisa


New Juvenile Fiction

The Itchy Book – Mo Willems

We Don’t Eat Our Classmates – Higgins, Ryan T

A Dog Named Doug – Wilson, Karma

How Do Dinosaurs Learn to Read – Yolen, Jane

Hug a Tree Geronimo – Stilton, Geronimo

Lost Continent – Sutherland, Tui

Basque Dragon – Gidwitz, Adam

Willa of the Wood – Beaty, Robert

Story Treehouse – Griffiths, Andy

Night Gardener – Fan, Terry

Ocean Meets Sky – Fan, Terry

Wild Robot – Brown, Peters

Click Clack Quack to School – Cronin, Doreen

Not so Normal Norbert – Patterson, James

Quiet Please Owen Mcphee – Ludwig, Trudy

Chez Nancy – Parent, Nancy

Griffins Feather – Funke, Cornelia

How to Catch a Mermaid – Wallace, Adam

Miss Communication – Holm, Jennifer L

Principal Strikes Back – Krosoczka, Jarret

Rocket the Brave – Hills, Tad

New Juvenile Non-Fiction

Garfield Eats and Runs – Davis, Jim

Pokemon Super Essential Handbook:

Starwars Maker Lab – Heinecke, Liz Lee


New Releases from May- July 2018